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I can’t possibly thank you enough for all that you’ve done. I’ve seen the countless hours of work you’ve put into this case  - from the seemingly endless paperwork to answering emails 7 days of the week (answering emails faster than anyone I know at that lol). You are absolutely AMAZING at what you do and are nothing short of a miracle worker for people like myself who thought they were hopeless. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

All the best,

"We have been with Rene for over 10 years and counting.  Although we have never met in person, through many phone conversations, over lots of business, it feels as though we have known each other for many more years.  In fact our kids recognized Rene’s voice and name and referred to her as someone from the family.  Rene has been reliable and consistent for our home financial needs and moral support.  Her ability to explain in easy and simplistic terms make any business with SVL smooth and comprehensive.  Rene never hesitated to help in any fashion and always supported us when others were hesitant.  We have had no problem referring Rene to family and friends and continue to do so.

Rene all the best from the Chadwick family in Miramichi.  You are the best and we love you.”

Todd and Wendy Chadwick
Miramichi, NB

“Congratulations. 25 years WOW!!!
Here's to another 25!
Over the past6  years your help has been indispensable as we financed and renewed the mortgages on our properties. Some were difficult but inevery
case you folks have obtained the right financial product to do the job.
Keep up the good work.”

Michael & Fern Aylward
Coal Creek, NB

We were trying to purchase a house on a large piece of property and were losing hope as the banks were not keen to loan us what we needed with so much land involved. Rene worked her magic, and we were approved without much of a struggle. She was great to work with too! In the end, we aren't even sure how she did it, we're just thankful that we chose to work with Rene, and are still so happy in our home 2 years later.

Sarah & Craig Conley
   Oak Bay, NB

“Rene helped my husband and I get approval for a mortgage when the banks weren't able to. “Congratulations Rene!  I can’t say enough good about her professionalism, compassion, and all her hard work above and beyond to get me my mortgage. You truly care about the individuals and not just the business side of it.  Once again congrats and thank you for making my life so much easier when it could have been a lot more stressful through the process.”

Rose Savage

Oromocto, NB

We were thrilled when Start Ventures was able to pre-approve us for a mortgage; we had an unusual situation where many banks turned their backs on us.

Start ventures did an amazing job working with us and lenders to get an approval.  We remember thinking during the entire process that something was going to go wrong, however with the help and professionalism of Start Ventures we were assured all would work out.

Thank you for that. We were hesitant at first dealing with a mortgage broker, we soon realized we made a great choice letting Start Ventures deal with the bank and getting us an unbelievable interest rate.

I highly recommend Start Ventures, not only for their easy application and approval process. But mostly for the outstanding customer service. Rene and Ashley were both at our beckon call regardless of the time of day. Thank you so much ladies, keep up the good work, congratulations on 25 years. Bottoms up to the next 25.”

Kirstie and Tyler Mann
St. Stephen, NB

Rene, mortgage Queenie,
Other Brokers look like weenies,
Performing the impossible’s a simple task,
All you have to do is ask,
All the silly bankers cower,
When she stands over them like a tower,
She spins the data so incredibly well,
The Approval’s coming, sure as Hell.

Mike Dean,
Douglas, NB

 Thank you so much Rene for making this all possible. You certainly worked hard. Thank you so much.
Hope to see you soon

Joan Dunphy,


“What can I say about my experience with Start Ventures? First I cannot thank them enough for the patience they have with answering my many questions. Rene walked us through step by step with our very first mortgage and it was no easy task being young and nobody to help us. She treated us like her own.
Since then we have remortgaged twice and bought our second home. Each and every time they go above and beyond what needs to be done. Each time I hear tell of a friend or family needing to remortgage or buy a new one I am glad to send them on with no hesitation.
The service is amazing and so personal congrats on 25 yrs of service and helping families make a home.


Candie Leavitt and Jerry Fraser
Back Bay, NB

Mere words cannot express our gratitude to Rene Wearing, of Start Ventures Ltd, for all of her hard work; dedication and guidance in securing us the mortgage that allowed us make our dream a reality. Rene is, in short… a miracle worker! We truly could not have navigated all of the new mortgage rules without her tenacious spirit: generous wisdom and knowledge! A big heartfelt “Thank you” to Rene and Start Ventures! We are eternally grateful for all you have done to start us on our way!

Sincerely, Selina Hatt & Moe Basque

Happy New Home Owners!
"Thank you Start Ventures for making it possible for me and my mom to buy our first home together.  Because of my previous situation, even though I had sufficient income at the time, my mom's income was all that the local banks would accept when we applied for a mortgage and it wasn't enough for us to qualify.

I went online to find brokers who would help us achieve ourgoal
in buying a new home.  I found your company, Start Ventures, and am happy to say that you were able to help make our dreams come true.  You were always easy to reach, whether it be by phone or email, and was very nice hearing that friendly, competent voice on the other end with answers to our questions and leading us down the right path of what to do next.

You didn't give up on us and were able to find a financial institution that approved our mortgage.  We  would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family."

Thank you so much for all you've done.”
SheilaChenney and Doris Gallant
Summerside, PEI

"Working with Rene was a real pleasure. Not only did we accomplish the task at hand, which was filled with challenges, Rene helped me make somecritical long range plans, without which I would not be in the same position of strength I am today. I am most grateful to have used Start Ventures, and will use them in the future. I have recommended many friends to her - a testament in itself."

Jay Remer

Windsor House
St. Andrews, NB

Fredericton, NB

All I can say is “WOW”……… Your service is incredible and we sure appreciate it! 
                                 Ricky Nelson

Thank you again for helping us get our home and pushing through for us when things got tough. The push to get this done last year could not have been possible without you, we are so grateful.

Rene answers emails faster than anyone I know, that means at night, on weekends and holidays. We were very impressed with her work ethic. We were completely satisfied with Rene.

Lisa and James MacLean

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